When the Word of the Year topic came up this month, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me. One word popped into my head loud and clear. And if I’ve learned anything these past few years, it’s to listen to those words.

My previous words have been:

2012 – Release I was going through some tough stuff at the time, and I had decided that it was time to just let it all go.

2013 – Persevere – I needed to keep going, keep working through it all, keep releasing.

2014 – Believe – In order to persevere, I had to believe that everything would work out as it should. I had to believe that all my hard work would pay off, maybe not exactly as I envisioned, but something was bound to come of it.

2015 – Receive – I believed that I was worthy of and ready to receive all the gifts I had been working so hard for: peace, tranquility, abundance in any and all forms.

2016 – Listen – I was feeling a little lost, not sure what my next step was. The gears were churning, but I was trying to solve everything myself. I needed to just be still and listen to what the Universe was trying to tell me.

And now, for 2017 – Trust – Trust that everything will work out as it should; trust the Universe; trust in my Higher Power; trust in myself and learn to trust in those around me.

I can’t wait for the new year to begin!

Have you picked your Word of the Year yet? If so, what is it? 

This is my story. Tell me yours.

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