"As we write, our clarity deepens.” ~ Julia Cameron

I generally tend to write in a journal until it’s full, regardless of the dates it spans. But with the beginning of this new year, I wanted to start a new journal – one I created for myself with all the things I love that I normally end up using for other people.

You would think making a journal for myself would be so much easier than making them for others. I generally don’t know most of the people I create journals for. I know myself, I know what I like, but that knowledge seems to be what makes it so much harder. It has to be something I want to look at every day, since I’ll be carrying it with me and writing in it all the time. I like so many of the papers I have, and the embellies are all so much fun, and there are the gold glitter letters. But wait, what about the black! Oh geez, here we go…

There were a few things I knew I wanted to include with this journal.

that paper with the fairies on it [I love fairies]

I had to have a pocket slip for any tip-ins and embellies I may want to attach within my writings

I wanted an envelope to hold my Instax photos until I could attach them within my writings

and the Listen charm I have – it had to go on the cover

It took me longer than normal to pick the papers. I kept finding new ones I liked and better combinations. Finally, I had to realize that this will not be the last journal I make myself [God willing], and I can use other papers for other journals.

I’m going to call this journal Speaking My Truth because that’s what I do when I write in my journal. I want to use the cursive gold glitter letters if it won’t take up too much room with all those words. But of course I have to see what the black glitter looks like, and the gold print. No, definitely the cursive gold. Do you see why this is so hard?!

I put everything together and then added one unexpected touch: I’ve been seeing blue butterflies everywhere lately – not real ones, but images – and I knew I wanted one somewhere. I have postage stamps with butterflies on them. There was a blue one, but it wasn’t quite right. I have butterfly stickers, but no blue ones. But there, at the very bottom of my butterfly embellies drawer, was a tiny light blue butterfly I had punched out a couple years ago and never used.

I added the blue butterfly to the upper right corner of my journal cover

Once the journal was assembled, I created my tab for January and I was ready to write.

Speaking my Truth handcrafted journal

Here’s to a new year with a fresh start in a new journal!

This is my story. Tell me yours.

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